Blossom II

Gallery 10

Chondrorhyncha chestertonii

Linda Petchnick

14” x 18” watercolor
I felt the orchid Chondrorhyncha chestertonii  had all of the elements to challenge me and showcase my abilities as painter. I was able to fill the picture plane with fine examples of roots, leaves, connecting growth, and blossoms (both new and dried). This is my finest work to date.


A Yellow Blossom

Martha Thompson

13” x 17” transparent watercolor

Thompson_YellowBlossoms, Tue Sep 09, 2008, 9:40:16 AM, 8C, 6270×7924, (289+596), 112%, Repro 2.2 v2, 1/30 s, R120.6, G62.5, B74.9

I love the Sonoran Desert. The blossoms that cover the desert landscape every year are such an incredible sight to me, considering what this vegetation has to go through every summer – so hot and sometimes with little or no rain for months – and still these cactus plants will bloom and bring such color to this unique landscape. It is awsome and absolutely inspiring to me!


The Magnificent Seven

Matthew Kelly

14.5″ x 12” charcoal Bristol board
I enjoy depicting western imagery and found the prickly pear cactus quite a joy. My subjects generally lean towards horse and rider and your exhibition was a great opportunity for me to widen my appreciation of all things western. The piece evolved from a number of photo references I gathered at the Los Angeles Arboretum near my home.



Tatiana Myers

11” x 14” oil pastel
I have a beautiful rose in my garden. It is called “Climbing Blaze.” It is a big strong bush that gives us stunning blooms year after year. One time we got a heavy ice storm too early in a season when flowers were still blooming and my roses all got covered with that ice. It was so beautiful, yet we all worried about our plants. But after the storm was gone, all ice melted and my rose bush was just as pretty and healthy as before, like nothing had ever happened… I always wanted to do the painting of that rare condition. A few years after, I discovered pastels and got a feeling it will be just the right paint to work on my roses. As soon as the pastel touched the board I knew it was going to work. I called my painting “Awakening” and it always was very special to me. When I found out about Blossom II, I decided to enter my special painting. I’m happy and honored that it got accepted and will be a part of a special show “for flowers only”.


Red Birds

Sylvia Herrera

16” x 20” oil
I have lived in many lovely places in the United States. Nearly three years ago, I moved to Tucson, Arizona. I find Arizona to be as beautiful, colorful, and inspirational as any other place that I have been. I have fallen in love with many of the flowers here – especially the Red Bird of Paradise that are represented in this painting. I love the mixture of red, orange, and yellow that make up the petals of this exquisite flower. My trips to the Sonoran Desert Museum, Tohono Chul Park, and the Tucson Botanical Gardens have really influenced my newest work. I love color, and these flowers are indeed colorful! I would not be exaggerating if I said that flowers were my very favorite subject to paint!